5 Anime Side Characters That Would Have Been Amazing Protagonists

The world of anime is vast and beautiful. It’s filled with all kinds of worlds and characters from various genres, and you’re bound to find one that you fall in love with. Not all characters are created equal though, especially when it comes to protagonists.

A lot of main characters are supposed to be generic so that they can appeal to a broad audience, often forgoing things like in-depth characterization or any sort of development. Main characters are often the simple, optimistic, funny type so that things don’t have to get overly serious.

Anime is filled with interesting and colorful side characters who sometimes steal our hearts more than the main protagonists. Some might even be better in the number one spot. Here’s our list of anime side characters who would make great main characters.

Levi Ackerman – Attack on Titan

While Attack on Titan is filled with badass characters, Levi takes the number one prize. From his stoic nature to his ability to take out numerous Titans in seconds, Levi is often the most interesting character in this anime.

Despite being the quiet type, Levi has a lot of backstory and in-depth relationships that flesh out his character. His relationship with Erwin Smith shows how dedicated he can be to someone even though he’s just a soldier and his time with Kenny Ackerman shows us how Levi becomes so jaded emotionally. Attack on Titan is excellent at making every character feel useful and giving them an adequate amount of screen time, but Levi often soaks up the spotlight. He’s, without a doubt, a fan favorite.

Levi’s emotions could have been brought out a lot more if he went through all the plot revelations that Eren goes through. Imagine Levi as a Titan. On top of his already amazing Titan-killing skills. He’s a well-rounded character with a lot of depth and a show dedicated to him would be awesome.


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