A DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Game, Why Not

Publisher Wizkids, better known for its HeroClix line of miniature games, is about to release a card game based on a song. Just one song. But it’s a very good one, and just in time for Summer.

Summertime is a game by Omari Akil and Hamu Dennis, who previously worked on Rap Godz, and it’s based on the song by the same name by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. The official description would be physically painful to read if this wasn’t a game set in 1991:

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince invite you to hang with them at the hottest spots in Philly. You will cruise, groove, and unwind across town, trying to vibe with them to prove you’re the coolest in the crew. Do you have the energy to keep up with everyone else who has their eyes on the crown?

In this quick and clever card game inspired by the classic hit song, players have to outwit each other with a series of tricky decisions, as they try to play Action, Energy, and Boost cards to end up with the most total Energy at a Spot to win it. Whoever has the most points from Spots at the end of the game is the winner!

So the whole game is just playing through the lyrics to the song. Genius. Games should take around 20 minutes to play, and Summertime supports 2-4 players. It’s got a very early 90s aesthetic all over its hypercoloured cards, as required, is due out next month—gotta be out for the Summer—and will be $20.

Hopefully it’s OK and does well, because if they can get the rights to this and make a game out of it, then maybe they can do the same thing for Fresh Prince of Bel Air, which would be a top-down house game like Clue only Will is trying to hide shit from Uncle Phil, who in turn is trying to throw a dude out the front door.


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