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Rovio has revealed it will be launching a brand new Angry Birds game at some point in the future. It’s called Angry Birds Reloaded and will be released exclusively on Apple Arcade.

Angry Birds Reloaded aims to take the series back to its roots, featuring Red, Chuck, Bomb, Silver and the rest of the gang in its classic slingshot action. The familiar physics-based gameplay from the first game is there, but it’s now remastered with enhanced visuals, new characters and lots of destruction.

But it’s not completely back to basics. Angry Birds Reloaded also features bits and pieces taken from other elements of the Angry Birds universe, such as levels where you must battle both Pigs and the Eagles from the Angry Birds movies.

Other than that, you should know what to expect from this title. You can get power-ups that allow you to boost the destructive strength of your birds through different abilities such as aiming further or flying higher. This means you can pull off more impressive moves to beat each stage.

You can also track your scores with the leaderboards system against other players across the world, with the game using iCloud to track it.

The first Angry Birds game was released on iOS way back in 2009 and became an instant classic. Pocket Gamer’s own Keith Andrew reviewed it at the time, calling it “addictive as any puzzler gets with light-hearted gameplay that flies with the best of the flock”.

Angry Birds Reloaded is coming to the iOS App Store via Apple Arcade at some point in the future.

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