A third of the games at E3 2024 were non-violent, a big increase over 2019

Non-violent games took up twice as much space at this year’s E3 (and surrounding events) than in 2019. That’s according to a recent report from GamesIndustry.biz, which found that 33% of games shown over the past week-and-then-some weren’t violent, up from 17% in 2019. 

GamesIndustry’s analysis defined “violence” in a particular way, focusing on interpersonal aggression acted out by the player. For the purpose of their analysis, killing is violent (naturally), but being tasked to solve an unseen murder isn’t necessarily. Cartoon violence such as disassembling enemies in Lego Star Wars counts as violence, as well as slightly more abstracted forms as in strategy games. They looked at violence as a player action, in other words, rather than as a theme.

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