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List of Illumina Pokemon

MeganiumFlorio Nature Park Illumina Spot

Meganium is the Illumina Pokemon for Florio, found in Florio Nature Park Illumina Spot, unlocked after doing the Florio Nature Park (Night) course. The Illumina Phenomenon is triggered when Illumina Meganium smells the crystabloom, which is when you can photograph it.

See the full Meganium guide to see how to get all 4 star rated poses!

There is no Illumina Spot for Founja Jungle, instead, the Illumina Spot for Belusylva can be found in Elsewhere Forest Illumina Spot, where you can find Illumina Milotic. Simply raise Elsewhere Forest to Research Level 2 to unlock Milotic‘s Illumina Spot.

Hit Milotic with a Fluffruit, and then an Illumina orb, to photograph it.

See the complete Illumina Milotic guide to see how to get all four of its poses for your Photodex in New Pokemon Snap!


There is no Illumina Spot for the Sweltering Sands. The Illumina Spot for Voluca is instead in the Volcano, Fireflow Volcano Illumina Spot, where you’ll find two Illumina Volcarona. Raise Fireflow Volcano to Research Level 2 to unlock Volcarona‘s Illumina Spot.

Hit Volcarona with Fluffruit twice, and then with an Illumina orb, to photograph it.

See How to Photograph All 4 of Volcarona’s Poses, which are really tricky, and involve an alternate route!

Unlocking the Illumina Pokemon Whishiwashi‘s Illumina Spot takes a bit of effort. First, you need to unlock the Lental Seafloor – Undersea by increasing Blushing Beach (Day) and Maricopia Reef (Day to Research Level 2. Then, unlock Maricopia‘s Illumina orbs, then the first Seafloor Alternate Path.

Pictures of the individual Whishiwashi won’t count. Instead, hit them all with Illumina Orbs to cause them to go into Whishwashi School Form. The photographs of this large Ilumina Whishiwashi will count!

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To find the Illumina Steelix, raise Outaway Cave to Research Level 2 then take the Outaway Cave alternate route to the crystal caves (follow the Noibat in the second chamber with the waterfall.) In the last room, scan and photograph the Ancient Ruins here.

How to Photograph Illumina Steelix

The Illumina Steelix, to put it frankly, is a huge pain to photograph. You’ll need to throw Fluffruit into the holes Steelix is hiding in to make it come out – but only some of the holes actually contain Steelix. Use the scanner for some hints. Once Steelix is out, hit it with an Illumina orb to cause it to display the Illumina Phenomenon, but this will dim when it goes back into a hole, so you’ll have to do this process each time

Luckily, the subsequent times you do this course, you don’t actually need to hit Steelix with Illumina Orbs for it to count!

See the full Illumina Pokemon Steelix guide for full details on how to get the best photos of it, and how to get its incredibly elusive 4 star pose.

See the full Walktrhough to learn how to unlock the Ruins of Remembrance Illumina Spot course, which features the Legendary Pokemon Xerneas. It’s the final story-based course you’ll unlock, by lighting up every crystabloom by the statues within the Ruins of Remembrance course.

Hit Xerneas while it’s in “orb form” with an Illumina orb to make it to appear, then hit it again in order to photograph it.

See the complete Illumina Pokemon Xerneas guide for exact instructions and how to get its 4-star pose in New Pokemon Snap!

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