Arknights Mansfield Break Event Frees Operators From Jail

Arknights is launching Mansfield Break, the latest in its series of narrative-focused “Side Story” events. The event will launch a new series of story missions focused on Mansfield, an infamous detention facility on the outskirts of Columbia, a nation in Arknights‘ world of Terra. There players will encounter new stories and characters, including four new playable Operators. The previous Side Story event, Maria Nearl, launched in April.

Chief among the new additions to the roster is Mountain, “Master of the Prison” and a powerful 6-Star Guard-class Operator. Unlike many of his fellow Guard Operators, Mountain specializes in combining very high damage output with a very low deployment cost, pummeling enemies with rapid punches. He even has his own theme, “Tipsy,” which was uploaded as a music video to Chinese social media site Weibo (and retrieved by Youtube user Alyeska B.I.G.).

His voice is provided by voice actor Kazuya Nakai (Roronoa Zolo in One Piece, Prototype Cu Chula-inn in Fate/Grand Order, and Eustace in Granblue Fantasy Versus). Publisher Yostar also released an animated promo video for the Arknights Mansfield Break event, narrated by Mountain.

Structured like Arknights events, Mansfield Break will have players completing event stages to view narrative scenes and farm reward currency. The currency can then be redeemed for materials and other rewards. A set of passive objectives can also be cleared to unlock more rewards. The event also features a free playable 5-Star Operator, Robin. Robin is a Specialist-class character, and has a unique play style based on deploying various traps on the battlefield.

Ground-based enemies can then walk over the traps to trigger various negative effects. Other new playable Operators will be added to the same premium Headhunting banner as Mountain’s. The 5-Star Specialist Operator Kafka can be deployed and redeployed quickly, while also bringing a knack for inflicting Arts damage and putting enemies to sleep.

Meanwhile the 4-Star Sniper Pinecone joins the cast as the lowest-rarity “Shotgun”-type Sniper. Like similar Operators Executor and Aosta, Pinecone has a short attack range but inflicts high damage on multiple enemies per attack.

The Mansfield Break event also brings new costumes for existing operators. Defender Saria will gain her second costume, a police-themed outfit. The Operators Elysium, Weedy, and Firewatch will gain winter/holiday-themed skins. The latter theming is due to the fact that in Arknights’ core Chinese server, Mansfield Break originally launched in late December 2024.

Arknights is immediately available on iOS and Android. The Mansfield Break event launches on June 22, 2024 in the global edition and runs until July 6, 2024.


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