Astria Ascending release date revealed, new game from Final Fantasy staff

Final Fantasy already made a huge impact during this year’s E3 presentations. But the legacy of the legendary JRPG franchise isn’t dead yet. Former staff from the Final Fantasy franchise have collaborated with developer Artisan Studios to create a new, hand-drawn JRPG. The game, Astria Ascending, now has a new release date for September 30.

Information on this new JRPG came straight from the trailer that appeared at this year’s Nintendo Direct. There are familiar JRPG elements here, such as a unique turn-based combat system. But unique to a JRPG of high prestige nowadays is the presence of sprites and hand-drawn animation. As JRPGs, and games in general, have transitioned to a 3D style, it’s nice to see another 2D hand-drawn adventure.


Ascend with the demi-gods

The trailer unveiled during the Nintendo Direct shows off some gameplay, but it also shows off all the playable characters we can expect to see. Players will control eight different demi-gods, each with their own unique personality and skillset. Not many story details were unveiled, but we know each character was appointed by an unknown figure to protect the world. The game will heavily feature themes of fate and sacrifice — fitting for a cast full of half-gods. An English dub was also confirmed in the trailer.

The turn-based combat system seems to offer plenty of customization, with an impactful elemental system. You gather “focus points” throughout battles to upgrade a character’s skills. Striking an enemy’s weak point will provide more points for even more power. We’ll have to wait and see for more details about this new system, but there already seems to be plenty of depth here.

You get more info on the game right now on Steam. Alternatively, PC owners will also have the opportunity to play Astria Ascending through the Xbox Game Pass.

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