Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance Switch Release Had “Issues” According to Developer

Developer of recent re-release Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance admits there were “issues” with the Switch version.

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance Switch Release Had “Issues” According to Developer

The re-release for Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance was more or less a strange one, with a rather quiet launch last week, coming to modern consoles PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. But there was also the promise of it coming to Switch on launch day. Launch day came and went, with word that the Switch version had been delayed a few days.

According to developer Black Isle Studios “issues did arise from the Switch release”, meaning Switch players will need to wait a little while longer for these issues to be sorted out. The tweet explained that both parties, the developer and Nintendo are trying to solve the problem.

While some speculated it could have been a certification issue, the developer was quick to squash this rumour, replying to a concerned netizen that the certification has “no bearing on the delay”. While the developer didn’t go into exact details of what caused the Switch version delay, they did give an ETA on news, an update will be released tomorrow.

In case you missed it, the original Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance got a re-release for consoles, now supporting 4K, but came with no other significant graphic upgrades or changes. The re-release adds updated high-resolution graphics but still preserves the presentation of the original Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance game. The game is a top-down Action-RPG with two-player co-op, a hack-and-slash classic which originally released on Playstation 2 and the original Xbox.

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