Behold, Breath of the Wild’s Hardest Possible Combo

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So you can do consistent flurry rushes in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, huh? Big whoop. Arguably, you’re not even playing the same game as the BotW fans who have mastered the combat well beyond Nintendo’s intended gameplay.

Henry Levinson is one such devotee, and he recently posted footage on Twitter of what the hardcore community currently considers the most difficult combo in the entire game. Here, Link unleashes the devastating technique against a Lynel, one of the most dangerous enemies in the entire game. Despite that, viewing it for just a few seconds still elicits the iconic “stop it, he’s already dead” meme. Cripes.

Don’t understand what’s actually happening here? Well, that makes sense—many of these techniques aren’t laid out by the game, nor are they necessary to complete it. But speaking to Kotaku over email, Levinson explained that the challenge hails from the fact that this combo require frame precision.

“The clip features a trick called Daruk’s Perfect Parry (DPP for short), which requires activating Daruk’s Protection (one of the four special abilities given to Link as he progresses through the game) to block an attack, and then releasing it within 2 frames to parry the attack and not consume a charge of Daruk’s Protection,” Levinson wrote. And note, he pulls this off not once but multiple times in the clip.

As he tells it, a group of hardcore players have been competing recently to see who could get the most DPPs in a row. Right now, there are no other clips that match the number of DPPs present in this clip. Still, Levinson seems certain he’ll eventually pass the crown.

“I’m pretty confident that this will not remain the hardest combo for very long either; one of the great things about the BotW combat community is how diligently everyone trains to improve and execute even harder combos,” he wrote. “Even in their rigorous pursuit of combat mastery, I love the community because they are always willing to share what they’ve learned and help other players out at any hour of the day.”

If you’re keen on dropping down this rabbit hole, check out the community’s combat glossary, which breaks down every known advanced move and how to pull it off.


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