Biomutant Microwave Puzzles | Where to find all the Fry-Sparkers

By Lauren Aitken
28 May 2023 09:46 GMT

As you explore the world in Biomutant, you’re likely to come across some Old-World stuff like the Fry-Sparkers, but just how do you solve the Microwave Puzzles?

Much like the rest of the puzzles in Biomutant, the Microwave Puzzles are Rotation Puzzles where you’ll need to complete a pattern. In this guide, we’ll be looking at where to find all five of the Microwave Puzzles across the map as well as how to solve them.

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Biomutant: Where to find the Fry-Sparkers

There are five Microwave Puzzles to find and solve in Biomutant, though in-game they’ll be called Fry-Sparkers. They aren’t too difficult to find, given that you’re looking for Microwaves, but you’ll need to have access to most of the map to find them all, as well as a few key items listed below.

You can find Fry-Sparkers in:

  • Bricktown: In the centre of the area, roughly where the I and C is in Bricktown. You can find it in a store with a cow image on the storefront. Head up the stairs and into the kitchen to locate it.
  • Krossway 4E: In the East of the area, where the A and Y in Krossway are on the map. You’ll find it in an abandoned blue-tinged house near Domp Outpost.
  • Freek Isle: You need your Googlide Engines at Level Three to get through the water here, so if you’re unable to reach it, that’s why. Head South of the Rolkoblok Outpost to find another Fry-Sparker in an abandoned shack in the house to the north.
  • Suburbia: Suburbia is Northwest of the Urfidurf Outpost and you’ll be able to spot a Fry-Sparker in a house in the centre of the village.
  • Blazebase: This location is in Kluppy Dunes, so you need to have the Hot Zone Suit in your arsenal or at least some other way to deal with the heat damage. You’ll need the Oxygen Suit too if you want to keep breathing or something else that negates the Hypoxia Zone. Go to the top floor of the tallest building to find the final Fry-Sparker.

Biomutant: How to solve the Microwave Puzzles

Like most of the other puzzles, you’ll need to rotate the dials on the front of the Fry-Sparkers to make a pattern. You need to line up matching colours with adjacent dials, that is matching yellow arrows or white ones. There are a limited number of moves, however, so don’t spam your way through it.

You also need to make sure the two rectangular buttons above and below the dials match the arrows above and beneath them, which you can see an example of above. So if the rectangle at the top is white, the arrow directly beneath it needs to be white, and so on.

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