Borderlands spin-off Wonderlands seemingly confirmed by new website & reveal scheduled for later this week

It looks like Borderlands studio Gearbox has set a date and time for the reveal of its rumoured Tiny Tina-focused Wonderlands spin-off, with “a new adventure from Gearbox and 2K” promised for Thursday evening.

Though the final title is yet to be confirmed, the name Wonderlands was previously bandied around just last week in a list of several games from publisher Take Two that are believed to be future projects potentially up for reveal in the next few days. As Video Games Chronicle notes, a promotional website entitlted has now gone live that has several references to the name ‘Wonderlands‘ in its source code which seems to all-but-cement the title as correct.

Either way, as the Summer Game Fest Twitter account notes, the reveal from Gearbox is now set in stone for this Thursday, June 10 at 7pm UK time. Rest assured, as soon as we can we’ll update you on what Wonderlands is and what it’s all about following the event. – All Updates

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