Chivalry 2 is Now Available

Chivalry 2

Torn Banner Studios’ medieval multiplayer action title Chivalry 2 is out now. It’s available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC with cross-play support enabled. As a follow-up to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, the sequel features the Agatha Knights and Mason Order fighting for control across a variety of maps.

Both Team Deathmatch and Team Objective modes support up to 64 players, allowing for massive skirmishes with siege equipment, arrows and whatnot flying all over the place. Combat has been improved and the ability to ride horses allows for quicker traversal in the larger maps. CEO and creative director Steve Piggott said in a press release that Chivalry 2 has fulfills the studio’s vision of “creating the ultimate medieval battlefield game.”

“It’s all-out insane, epic 64-player online carnage that finally delivers to gamers the intensity of being in your favourite medieval movie battle scenes. Chivalry 2 pulls you right into the action, delivering the satisfaction of an incredibly deep combat system, the cinematic glory of sieging castles, the chaos of a massive wave of knights smashing into each other, and hilarious Monty Python inspired voice overs. We can’t wait to hear our fans roaring their battle cries on the battlefield.”

Tripwire Interactive CEO John Gibson added, “When we started this journey two years ago, I knew that Torn Banner Studios would make a great first-person medieval combat game with Chivalry 2. Now that the game is done, however, I am blown away at what they have created. Chivalry 2 will redefine first person melee combat, and it has been a pleasure for Tripwire Presents to support Torn Banner in making this incredible game a reality.”

With the game’s release, maps like The Fighting Pit and Escape from Falmire will be new those who participated in the beta. This isn’t the end of the Chivalry 2’s journey though. Ray tracing support will be coming to Xbox Series X and PS5 in the future. It will also make an appearance at The PC Gaming Show on June 13th with the developer having an announcement planned. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

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