Chivalry 2 is the game of the summer

I was enthusiastic about Chivalry 2 when I first tried it at an event over a year ago, again when I played it in closed beta, and yet again in the open beta a couple weeks ago. Now it’s out on the Epic Games Store and I’m not nearly done bonking medieval knights in the head with morningstars and hammers. The novelty has worn off a little, but I’m still prepared to declare Chivalry 2 the game of summer 2024, and summer hasn’t even technically started yet. (I’m afraid that I am suggesting it’s a ‘knight boy summer.’) 

Chiv 2 generates that late night one-more-game buzz that a great summer game should, although I can’t indulge in it like I would’ve when I was a teenager and summers meant staying up all night and going to bed at 6:30 am. Still, I’ve been up past midnight goofing off in Chiv 2’s 64-player medieval melee battles a few times. The dedicated servers play a big role in keeping it compelling: I’m swinging swords and axes with and against the same people over and over, developing camaraderie and rivalries. It’s hard to let that end.

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