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What is it? 64-player medieval warfare with melee weapons, bows, and big set pieces
Expect to pay: $40
Developer: Torn Banner Studios
Publisher: Tripwire Interactive
Reviewed on: Intel Core i5-9600K, 16GB RAM, Nvidia RTX 2070 Super
Multiplayer? 40-to-64-player team and free-for-all modes; console crossplay

Chivalry 2 is some of the most fun you can have on PC right now. It’s a riveting, theatrical medieval warfare game that’s equally about martial arts mastery and roleplaying as a Middle Ages buffoon. Sometimes you spend 30 intense seconds expertly dueling another player with swords, other times you’re skewered by a ballista bolt while shaking a fish in the air and declaring that you’re “power incarnate.” 

At the center of Chivalry 2 are 64-player team objective-based matches. These are multi-stage battles that see castles sieged with rolling towers and ladders, peasants slaughtered, and caravans ambushed. They all start roughly the same way: both teams lined up and sprinting at each other with swords, axes, polearms, maces, bows, and more. My approach to these charges is to smash the ‘yell’ key to howl stupidly, throw my shield into the mass of bodies in front of me, chuck my sword at them, too, and then meet them with hacks from my secondary axe. If I’m lucky, I break through the line and chase down the cowardly archers who stopped running 50 yards short of the fight. Usually, someone chops my head off first.

(Image credit: Torn Banner Studios/Tripwire Entertainment)

Going medieval 

Treating Chivalry 2 like an esport is like expecting a WWE Hell in a Cell match to adhere to the rules of Greco-Roman wrestling.

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