Coromon’s New Trailer Details Its Combat, Story, & Much More


TRAGsoft just unveiled a brand new trailer during the Freedom Games showcase for their upcoming monster taming game, Coromon. In the trailer below, you can see a bunch of new story, combat, and character details that the developer is showing off for the first time.

The official description for Coromon is detailed right below:

Follow the story of an aspiring researcher joining the technologically advanced organisation of Lux Solis. You’ll be assigned to a specialized team called the Titan Taskforce, and you are tasked with investigating the six Titans known in the region of Velua.

Explore a charming pixel world filled with challenging puzzles, interesting creatures and titanic bosses! In Coromon, you’ll also use a stamina based battle system that requires you to pick your skills carefully. Affect your opponent’s stamina, apply conditions and damage them with an arsenal of available skills to emerge victorious.

Coromon will be available on Steam and Nintendo Switch in Q1 2024. For more information, head on over to the game’s official website. Also, be sure to check out our official interview with TRAGsoft, as we discuss everything from its story to inspirations for the game.

If you’re curious about the other games showcased during the Freedom Games stream, Twinfinite has got plenty of ongoing E3 coverage. Be sure to check back to the site for consistent updates for everything you could ever want or need about all of the events that are occurring throughout this weekend.


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