CyGames Announces A New Development Project Titled Project GAMM

CyGames announced that it intends to create a new fantasy game for consoles. Project GAMM is an entirely new game in development by CyGames, in conjunction with several external creatives. Senran Kagura series creator, Kenichiro Takaki, will direct and produce the new game. Additionally, Shiro Sagisu the composer for Neon Genesis Evangelion is part of the project, along with illustrator Mogmog and designer Kiyoshi Arai. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089!]

Several characters will be playable in Project GAMM. This includes a knight, a robot, and a maid. Each of these characters will be playable protagonists in the game. Details about the protagonist are currently unclear, though the information suggests that it could be a young magic user. CyGames will reveal more information regarding the main cast of Project GAMM at a later date.

However, information regarding the scenario for Project GAMM is currently sparse, with very few details available. The scenario involves a world where magic and machines exist. However, magic powers machines in this universe. Multiplayer will be at the core of the game, with a focus on player versus player combat. The game will be action focused and feature flashy movements and effects. However, more detail about these systems has yet to be revealed.

Project GAMM is currently in development by CyGames.


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