Deliverance Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an ambitious, sprawling and deeply-flawed RPG that came out back in 2018. Now, despite its scale and technical issues on far more powerful platforms, the game is coming in 2023 to the Nintendo Switch.

Who asked for this? Who has never played the game, doesn’t own any other system it exists for and will run better on (it also came out on PS4 and Xbox One) and will now, three years later, buy it on the Nintendo Switch?

For the three people on the planet who are currently saying “uh, me, maybe?”, there are things about the game that are really annoying—there’s a lot of medieval drudgery, and its combat is pitched as being “realistic” but is really just “selectively terrible”—but also some stuff that’s very cool, like being able to just chill out and live a medieval life and maybe the prettiest map in video game history.

Those three people should also know that the main reason folks are wary of a game like this coming to a system like the Switch is that it ran pretty poorly on the PS4 and Xbox One, so the prospect of seeing it on Nintendo’s console doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

But hey, three years later and some downscaled graphics and it might just work fine!


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