Dungeons & Dragons And WWE Superstars Collide For D&D Live

A new D&D Live is just around the corner and this time, we’ve got a few WWE Superstars jumping into the Dungeons & Dragons fray. The upcoming D&D Live session with G4TV, we’ve got Tyler Breeze, Ember Moon, Mace, and Xavier Woods diving straight into The Chaos Carnival for a new campaign with Aabria Lyengar as the Dungeon Master. 

It’s not so strange to see these names pop up for D&D Live, each has their own passionate history with Dungeons & Dragons’ expansive tabletop experience, including being in several D&D books. It’s all going down soon, kicking off on July 16 and 17: 

“It’s no coincidence that the storyline I have prepared for WWE Superstars involves high-flying attractions and wildly dangerous stakes,” said Dungeon Master, Aabira Lyengar. “Each player at the table lost something precious to them at the Chaos Carnival years ago…can they unravel the secrets below the Big Top before they become the next main attraction?”

The WWE Superstars are teaming up to do some good in the world, joining up to raise money for Connor’s Cure charity. Connor’s Cure is a cancer research charity organization that the WWE has created to honor an incredibly brave young boy. This charity initiative was inspired by Connor Michalek, an 8-year-old WWE superfan that battled a rare form of cancer with medulloblastoma. If you can’t make the D&D Live event and would like to contribute to Connor’s Cure, you can learn more here

For those that want to tune in and watch the fun, you can watch the latest D&D Live a few different ways: 

Are you excited for the WWE Superstars takeover with the upcoming D&D Live? What other names would you like to see join in on a campaign in the name of charity? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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