E3’s best announcement was secretly this Fallout: London mod

Fans of the post-apocalypse and Dick van Dyke: rejoice! If this had been an official game it would probably have dominated E3 coverage but nevertheless Fallout: London, a huge upcoming mod for Fallout 4, looks like the bees’ knees sunshine.

Described by its creators as “a DLC-sized mod”, Fallout London takes the series from its usual American wasteland to the big smoke of 2237. The trailer’s opening, merrily flicking the Vs at copyright law, incorporates Vera Lynn’s ‘We’ll Meet Again’—a song that, for the Brits, is synonymous with World War 2 and later was seen by some as emblematic of the nation’s decline (for example in the work of Pink Floyd). Long-time fans of the Fallout series may also note that it’s something of a callback to the Fallout 3 reveal, which was structured around pulling out from a bus.

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