ELEX II reveal trailer shown at E3, get ready to kill everything

A ton of games were shown off at E3 over the past week, but it’s still not over yet. THQ Nordiq and Piranha Bytes announced ELEX II today with a cinematic reveal trailer. The sequel to this open world action RPG marks the return of the main protagonist Jax from the original, and boy is he back with a vengeance. Jax goes on a flawless killing spree to the tune of high-octane metal music. Enemies go down in blur of Hollywood-style cinematics, but we get a little story preview too. Okay, not really. But we did find out what’s going on for you.

The reveal trailer shows a few cutscenes of Jax interacting with various important characters in the world of Magalan. All to the tune of that metal music. Whatever’s going on in those cutscenes we don’t know. But it sure is hype. Jax rounds out the trailer by heading back to the battlefield with his new allies and gets back to slaying before we see him take on what’s presumably the big bad of the game.


Fortunately, THQ provided us with some more context. Things have cooled down since the events that took place in the first game. Old factions have died out and new ones have grown prominent. The terraforming processing continues to progress and is finally bearing fruit. Now that the Hybrid is gone, the Albs aren’t a threat to society. That would be boring though if things were chill and going great. There’s a dark new threat coming, and Jax will need to stop it in its tracks. Here’s the reveal trailer for ELEX II that presumably shows said threat:

A developer with a long running history

The first ELEX sold relatively well and boasts a mostly positive user review average on Steam. It features a mix of guns, tech, brutal melee weapons, and abilities for you to harness. However, ELEX is just the latest series from German developer Piranha Bytes. The studio began its claim to fame with the Gothic series back in 2001 and went on to develop the Risen series after that. The developers have a lot of experience to draw from, so it should be expected that it will continue to improve the ELEX series with at least this sequel entry.

No release date was provided, but the reveal trailer claims ELEX II is “coming soon.” Seeing as the original ELEX released in 2017, it shouldn’t be unreasonable to expect it within the next year if not by the end of 2024. If you want to learn more about the game, you can take a peek at the official Steam page to see a few new screenshots and learn about more new features.

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