Elite Dangerous is getting another big patch for Odyssey

There’s another patch inbound for Elite Dangerous, and developer Frontier says it includes a whole raft of fixes for the recently launched Odyssey expansion, as well as some updates for Horizon. The massive space game has had a rough couple of weeks since Odyssey came out, but a steady stream of patches and hotfixes is gradually righting the ship.

Frontier says the next patch, along with its changelog, will be turning up at 1 a.m. PDT / 4 a.m. EDT / 9 a.m. BST June 3, and that it “contains many fixes and improvements for Odyssey” that include optimisations, UI adjustments, “and much more”. The first-person exploration DLC isn’t the only thing it’s changing, either – Frontier says that Horizons “will also receive some improvements.”

Frontier pushed out a first hotfix for Odyssey the day after the expansion launched, and the first major patch arrived just a week later. That patch, Update 1, included a dizzying array of fixes, but Frontier said at the time that it would continue work on improvements to optimisation and the new planetary tech.

Here’s the official announcement:

We’ll know more about what’s new when the patch and its notes arrive in the morning.

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