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Komani revealed a tonne of new gameplay features for eFootball at Gamescon 2024 and we’ve got all the details right here. 

Controlling the ball touch

Players will be able to accurately determine their dribbling speed as well as the amount of seventh to use when kicking the ball. eFootball is aiming to make simulated football feel real by letting players control these more intricate details.

Tricking the defender

Play the role of a trickster in the game as well! eFootball will feature multiple types of dribbles and body tricks, allowing players to will trap the ball. Additionally, attacker vs defender one on ones promise to be fun battles.


Steal the ball and create chances

Has your opponent got the ball? Find yourself in a dire situation? Make your player throw their body to block your opponent or cheekily cut out their pass. Now that you have the ball, go score the goal yourself!

Physical Battles

While defending, players can charge like in real life, even the offensive players can use their bodies to make sure the ball stays in play. 

Perform Sharp kicks

eFootball will have the option of performing a Sharp kick. Players can also perform other special kicks like sharp crosses, fast lofted passes, and rising shots. Execute these to perfection, and you’re in the driver’s seat.

1v1 duels

Using Motion Matching technology, eFootball can track ball movement and evaluate various factors like movement speed, body direction, and physical ability in real-time to affect the movement of every player. This will make the game more realistic because the newly updates win/lose rules will make use of this technology.

New camera mode

A new camera mode called Duel has been added which will zoom into players during 1v1 situations for more enthralling experiences.

A lot of other general improvements have also been implemented into the game, though some of these features will be added into the game post an update rather than at launch. 

eFootball will launch soon for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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