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The summer season is in full swing and with it, comes a big wave of updates. Exos Heroes is joining the fun by launching their new summer season event called the Quantum Challenge – Summer Vacation.

Quantum Challenge – Summer Vacation is Exos Heroes’ new mini-game that will be playable until 25th July. It contains two new modes within it called Quantum Raid and Quantum Arena.

Quantum Arena is the PvP portion of the event where players can battle against each other using the Quantum Raid deck. The ranks will be decided in accordance with battle results and all rewards won will be received at the end of the event.

Next is Quantum Raid which is the summer-themed dungeon that will see players building decks and challenging raid bosses to collect various in-game items.

Another inclusion into Exos Heroes is a new Fatecore and matching Exclusive Weapon for its Fated Hero Jinn. The Fatecore is called Gaze of the White Gull and the Exclusive Weapon is the Swordfish. Applying this Fatecore will grant Jinn a passive skill that can remove any harmful effects on him while also increasing the chance of critical getting of his allies.

The Gaze of the White Gull Fatecore and Swordfish weapon both have a higher chance of being obtained until 18th August.

The Quantum Challenge – Summer vacation isn’t even the only summer event as there are two events that are already going on. To further enhance the summer celebrations, players will be awarded with 1,500 Xes, 5 Ultimate Orbs and 20 Nation Recruit tickets for simply logging in to the game daily until August 25th.

Another event, 14 Days of Summer Fiesta Attendance will offer players a Summer Festa Fatecore Selection Ticket, 700 Xes, 800,000 Gold, and other in-game items.

Download Exos Heroes for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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