FFVII Remake Intergrade Red Bull Raffle Includes Revival Earrings

The FFVII Remake Intergrade Red Bull “Break the Limit” collaboration has officially begun in Japan. Starting from June 22, 2024, those who purchase Red Bull cans can apply for a raffle of six different prizes, ranging from in-game Revival earrings to real-life Seventh Heaven-themed furniture and decorations. The collaboration will run until July 16, 2024, and is exclusive to Family Mart convenience stores in Japan.

The campaign applies to both sizes of Red Bull (250ml and 355ml), Red Bull Sugar-Free, Red Bull Aluminum Bottles, and Red Bull Purple Editions. Users can apply to the raffle by becoming friends with the official Red Bull Japan LINE account, sending a picture of the receipt to the account, and applying for the item they want via the My Page. Red Bull will then send users the raffle results the following day via a LINE message. Those who won the raffle will be given a form to fill out in order to receive the prize.

The raffle is divided into three different tiers, each with its own requirements and winner pool. Listed below are the available prizes:

FFVII Remake Intergrade Red Bull

  • Prize A: In-game Revival Earrings
    • 2 cans required to apply, 10,000 winners in total
    • Wearing the earrings will give players Auto-Life, but will not break upon use.
    • Only usable in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

FFVII Remake Intergrade Red Bull

  • Prize B: Silver Necklace
    • 8 cans required to apply, 30 winners in total
    • Silver necklace matching the design of the Auto-Life earrings
  • Prize C: Seventh Heaven Merchandise
    • 3 cans required to apply, 210 winners in total
    • Glass and Shaker Set (June 22 ~ June 29, 2024)
    • Seventh Heaven Bar Mirror (June 30 ~ July 7, 2024)
    • Seventh Heaven Bar Stool (July 8 ~ July 16, 2024)

Additionally, each purchase of Redbull during this campaign will also come with one free magnet, available in 10 different designs. Depending on the store, some of these magnets may be out of stock. You can check out the magnet designs below:

FFVII Remake Intergrade Red Bull

The FFVII Remake Intergrade Red Bull campaign will run from June 22, 2024, to July 16, 2024. Receipts must be from June 22, 2024, to July 12, 2024 in order to apply. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is immediately available to play on the PlayStation 5, and includes the Episode INTERmission DLC starring Yuffie.


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