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Square Enix has announced that they will be unveiling more details about their upcoming battle royale, Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, during SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS at TGS 2021 Online. It will feature during a live stream that will take place on 3rd October, at 1:30 am PDT.

During the stream, we can expect to learn more details about the battle royale. Square Enix is being tight-lipped about what that information is at the moment. However, we know that the show will have special guests and members of the development team, including FINAL FANTASY VII creative director Tetsuya Nomura, playing the latest version of the game.


You can watch the stream on the official Square Enix YouTube channel. The show itself will be available in English, Chinese and Korean. The game is apparently releasing sometime this year, so there’s a chance we may also learn a release date during the stream.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, it is an upcoming battle royale game for iOS and Android that mixes the popular multiplayer mode with RPG elements. It sees players joining Shinra’s elite SOLDIER unit before diving into battle.

Each round will see 75 players battling it out to become the last one standing. They will have access to a variety of guns, swords and magic to defeat their opponents. Players can also battle against monsters to earn experience, ride Chocobos and summon creatures to fight alongside them.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is apparently releasing on the App Store and Google Play. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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