Fortnite 17.50 Update Adds Fortnite Crew Legacy Set, Sludgy Swamp Named Location & More


Epic Games has rolled out the Fortnite 17.50 update, adding a new Fortnite Crew Legacy Set, a bunch of new cosmetics and also changes a named location to Sludgy Swamp.

The news comes via popular dataminers and leakers on Twitter, Guille_GAG and iFireMonkey.

First up is the new Fortnite Crew Legacy Set, which has also been detailed over in a post on the official Fortnite website. The Legacy Set will be available to all Fortnite Crew subscribers, and includes a Back Bling and unlockable pickaxe, both of which evolve for each month you’re an active subscriber.

There are six stages, with each unlocking on the 14th of each month you’ve got an active Fortnite Crew subscription. All stages are detailed below:

  • Stage 1: Unlock the Protocol Pack Back Bling upon being subscribed or subscribing to Fortnite Crew. If you’re not subscribed when the v17.50 update releases, you’ll unlock it immediately when you do subscribe.
  • Stage 2: The Back Bling evolves, adding the Protocol Elite Style. This happens on the 14th of the month after Stage 1.
  • Stage 3: The Back Bling evolves again, adding the Protocol Overdrive Style. The Zen Axe Pickaxe emerges from the Back Bling. Both happen on the 14th of the month after Stage 2.
  • Stage 4: The Pickaxe evolves, adding the Zen Striker Style. This happens on the 14th of the month after Stage 3.
  • Stage 5: The Pickaxe evolves again, adding the Zen Ultra Style. This happens on the 14th of the month after Stage 4.
  • Stage 6: The Pickaxe evolves once more, adding the Zen Assault Axe Style. This happens on the 14th of the month after Stage 5.

It’s also worth noting that the Protocol Pack Back Bling is customizable, allowing players to change its main color, the color of its smoke effects, display the banner you have equipped, and change the banner’s color, too. You can check out the trailer for the Fortnite Crew Legacy Set below.

Alongside this new cosmetic comes a whole host of others, launching in the Item Shop soon. You can check them all out below thanks to Guille_GAG’s compilatory image.

These are all the new items that will be releasing in the Item Shop soon. #Fortnite

Originally tweeted by Fortnite News (@Guille_GAG) on August 31, 2023.

It also appears as though the Ant Man skin is getting a new emote, if an icon found by gameshed_ via HYPEX on Twitter is anything to go by.

Rounding things out is the change of the Slurpy Swamp location’s name to Sludgy Swamp. The reason for the name change appears to come from the lack of Slurp running through the winding rivers surrounding the named location. Turns out the UFOs may have sucked up all that health-giving juice, leaving nothing but sludge behind.

Other than that, not a whole lot else appears to have arrived in the Fortnite 17.50 update. There are some rumblings about what to expect from the end of season event, but we won’t discuss that here to save you from spoilers.

Just last week, Epic Games launched the Martin Luther King interactive experience to a mixed reception.

While some praised it for raising awareness among young Fortnite players of an important social movement, others criticized Epic for allowing players to use emotes and dances while the iconic speech was being played, and questioned whether the developer had done enough to ensure that players couldn’t do anything deemed disrespectful within the experience.

The Fortnite 17.50 update has gone live on all platforms now. Server downtime is still underway while maintenance is performed, but should be back online soon.


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