Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is live today

The new Season in Fortnite went live a few hours ago and it brings aliens from outer space, new cosmetics, new Battle Pass system, and much more. The theme for the new season is a full-scale alien invasion and you join Doctor Slone and the Imagined Order to take them out with mighty new weapons at your disposal. Here’s what to expect (via IGN) if you’ve yet to embark on the new season, along with a stylish new video from the folks at Epic Games:

Aliens Invade the Island

As with past Fortnite seasons, there will be an overarching storyline for Chapter 2 Season 7. Yes, aliens are invading, but Doctor Slone and the Imagined Order (IO) are ready to step up and take on the threat with new weapons and inventions.

New Weapons and Vehicles

With the IO and Kymera taking on one another, there will be new weapons from both sides players can pick up and use. The IO will introduce tools and guns like the Recon Scanner, Pulse Rifle, and Rail Gun, while the aliens will fight back with the Kymera Ray Gun.

The map will also be inundated with flying saucers, which players can either shoot down or hijack. Taking over one of the saucers will allow players to travel around the Island with their squad and blast foes using the built-in weapons.

Nuts and Bolts will also fall from the Saucers and can be used to craft new weapons from existing ones. Transform Assault Rifles into Burst Assault Rifles or Shotguns into a Lever Action Shotgun using these materials.

A Battle Pass With a Twist

As usual, Fortnite will introduce a new Battle Pass to go along with the season. Instead of unlocking cosmetics by reaching specific levels on the Pass, players will instead earn Battle Stars every time they level up. Battle Stars can then be exchanged for Battle Pass rewards in whichever order players want.

Leveling up will unlock more pages of rewards, so more cosmetics to exchange for Battle Stars. There will also be special rewards that only become available after purchasing all the other rewards on a page.


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