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The Iconfactory has launched Frenzic: Overtime, a new arcade-style game about assembling power cores for iOS devices. It is now available to download from Apple Arcade. 

Frenzic: Overtime combines fast-paced gameplay with stunning visuals and sound in an effort to be an engaging arcade-style puzzle game. It has you playing as a factory worker inside Frenzic Industries who’s job it is to assemble Power Cores for the new ZAPBOTs. As you play, you uncover the secrets of Frenzic Industries and their plot to take over the world.

The game is actually a revival of Frenzic, which The Iconfactory developed for mobile and Nintendo DS back in 2008. It’s intended to be easy to pick up and play, as is the key with arcade-style games. It’s easy to learn but hard to master, but is ideal for players of all ages and experience with its retro-style appeal and short sessions.

As you complete each level and continuously meet your shift goals in a timely manner, you get promoted to more rewarding positions on the assembly line. There are over 45 stages to play, with multiple game modes and hundreds of mini-goals too to sink you teeth into.

Frenzic: Overtime is available now from the iOS App Store via Apple Arcade, the premium subscription service where you pay a monthly fee for access to hundreds of exclusive mobile games.
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