Genshin Impact Harpastum Bombs | Where to find crafting ingredients

Harpastum Bombs Loaded… Blow ‘Em Away! is a somewhat cumbersomely titled challenge in Genshin Impact‘s Midsummer Island Adventure. You only have until June 28th to participate, and crafting Harpastum Bombs is surprisingly resource-intensive.

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You might find that you need to grind for resources if you want to have all the Harpastum Bombs you need for the event.

A single crafting action will generate 20 of the indicated bomb type, but you’ll still need to complete multiple rounds of resource gathering, crafting, and actually participating in the event to complete the challenge.

Where to find Flaming Flower Stamens in Genshin Impact

Flaming Flower Stamens are the staple resource when crafting Harpastum Bombs, and are a required ingredient for all three types. Therefore, you’ll probably need more of these than of any other single ingredient.

Flaming Flowers are commonly found in grassy areas, so this is where you need to head to begin harvesting this key ingredient. Note that Flaming Flowers need to be hit with Hydro or Cryo skills — extinguishing them and turning them into safely harvestable Flaming Flower Stamens.

Where to find Frogs in Genshin Impact

Frogs are a necessary ingredient for crafting Straight Shooter Harpastum Bombs, which deal pyro damage to a single enemy.

Frogs tend to hang out in wilderness areas, near or — more often — in bodies of fresh water. The upside is that they’re fairly common once you arrive at their preferred habitat.

When you spot a frog, quickly approach and interact to catch it. Unlike other resource types, frogs are ready-to-use in their “raw” form once caught.

Where to find Lizard Tails in Genshin Impact

Lizard Tails are a necessary ingredient for crafting Hot Pod Harpastum Bombs, which deal massive amounts of pyro damage in a small area of effect.

Where do you find Lizard Tails? On lizards, of course! It’s an older joke, but it checks out.

Lizards spawn in several regions of the map: primarily Mondstadt and Liyue, especially around Whispering Woods and Starfell Lake (in the former) and Jueyun Kast (in the latter).

Hunting lizards can be a tricky proposition, since actually killing them doesn’t cause them to drop their tails — the resource needs to be taken from a live specimen. (Presumably they’re those lizards that can grow their tails back? It’s definitely better, but somehow doesn’t feel much less gruesome.)

Anyway, when you spot a lizard you need to chase it down and interact with it while it’s on the move to grab its tail. Lizards usually only spawn in ones or twos, so some patience is needed.

Alternatively, hitting bushes with a melee weapon in the areas where lizards spawn will sometimes grant you a Lizard Tail without the mess and bother. In theory anyway; presumably there’s a lizard in that bush somewhere that disagrees!

Where to find Luminescent Spines in Genshin Impact

Luminescent Spines are a necessary ingredient for crafting Floaty Splody Harpastum Bombs, which deal pyro damage to any enemies caught in a large area of effect.

Luminescent Spines are derived from Fireflies, and therefore can only be caught at night. During nighttime they’ll spawn ambiently in the landscape, especially around Teyvat and particularly between the hours of 10pm and 2am. Check out the video below from YouTube channel GameMinutes, which shows some of the best firefly locations:

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Your instinct might be to dash towards the fireflies, but it’s actually better not to do this! Dashing can cause fireflies to “discombobulate” and eventually despawn, but they seem not to be nearly as threatened if you simply walk towards them. Don’t dawdle because they will eventually get away, but don’t run either.

Once you’re within reach of a firefly, quickly interact with it to nab its Luminescent Spine. This presumably isn’t very good for the poor firefly, but needs must.

Alternatively, hitting bushes with a melee weapon in firefly spawning areas at the appropriate time can grant you a Luminescent Spine without the bothersome business of chasing (on-screen) fireflies.

Harpastum Bombs shouldn’t be confused with the similarly-named Wind-Blessed Harpastum, a gadget used to interact with Hymnal Rings in Genshin Impact: Midsummer Island Adventure. For the solutions to all the Hymnal Ring Puzzles on Golden Apple Archipelago, see our guide.




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