Get in Gear and Drive Fast in Drift Hunters


If you play racing games, you have probably noticed how expensive your hobby has gotten. Whether you game on consoles or PC, you’re guaranteed to be out at least a few hundred dollars plus the cost of a game in order to enjoy it.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. With games like Drift Hunters, you can have the full car game experience without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality. If you’re looking for a game to satisfy your need for speed but only have a work laptop, then Drift Hunters has your back. Here are a few features that make the game great.

No-Cost Fun


With everything else in life getting more expensive, you may not have as much money to dedicate to your hobbies or things that make you happy as you once did. But don’t worry, Drift Hunters can be enjoyed at no cost.

There is no upfront cost or subscription charge to enjoy everything the game has to offer. And, since it was built on the Unity Engine, the entire game runs completely within your favorite web browser. No need for extra hardware or equipment.

Tons of Content


Drift Hunters has 25 unique vehicles that are all modeled after recognizable sports cars. Have you always wanted to drive a Nissan GTR? Drift Hunter has it. How about a Dodge Challenger Hellcat? That’s here too. Each car is finely crafted down to the spokes on its wheels. But, what good is a turbo-charged drift car without a track to let it loose in?

Drift Hunters has you covered with 10 awesome tracks, all of which have been carefully designed to give you the maximum amount of thrills and drifting opportunity. Drift around corners, hit the gas on straightaways, and stack up those drift points on each unique track.

Extreme Customizability


Drift Hunters isn’t content with just giving you 25 cars. The game takes things a step further by having a slew of upgradeable parts as well as menus where you can change your car’s paint job and stance.

These additions allow you to make the car your very own, but they also offer gameplay implications, at least in terms of the stance. This is because of the game’s in-depth, realistic physics system.

Physics-Based Gameplay


Don’t let Drift Hunter’s easy accessibility fool you, this is no arcade game. Drifting in Drift Hunters is a skill that needs to be learned in order to do it properly. Unlike most games, where the only thing you need to do to drift is tap the brakes and turn, in Drift Hunters you’ll need to consider your speed, the angle of the turn, and even the aforementioned stance of your vehicle will affect how you drift. The challenge of this drifting simulator is part of the fun, and that is what makes Drift Hunters worth your time.

After you’ve spent some time in Drift Hunters, you should also take a look at Drift Hunters MAX. This brand-new Drift Hunters experience offers overhauled graphics, gameplay improvements, and a bunch of other features that improve the experience.