Gigabyte Hackers Threaten To Leak Internal AMD, Intel Documents

A Gigabyte motherboard

Image: Gigabyte

Taiwanese manufacturer Gigabyte has suffered a major cyberattack, courtesy of the hacker group known as RansomEXX. It appears the attack hasn’t impacted the day-to-day manufacturing side of the business, which focuses on PC hardware, but it has hit internal servers hard.

According to The Record, RansomEXX was able to make off with up to 112GB of company data that included internal documents from fellow tech companies Intel, American Megatrends and AMD. The hack also brought down parts of Gigabyte’s website, with customers seeking support subsequently having issues accessing repairs.

While the full extent of the hack is not currently known, the perpetrators are now reportedly threatening Gigabyte with the release of the leaked data, and have included screenshots of internal reports from AMD, Intel and American Megatrends alongside the threats.

All three companies are involved in the manufacturing of major PC components including motherboards, graphics cards and computer chips — and while we don’t know exactly what data the hackers made off with, much of it is reportedly under NDA and not meant to be seen by the public.

This cyberattack follows a similar hack at Acer earlier in year, which saw ransomware group REvil steal corporate data and demand a massive $US50 million ransom to take it back. The outcome of this hack was unclear, but it appears to be fairly similar to the challenges facing Gigabyte.

As more businesses shift towards work-from-home online structures due to the pandemic, ransomware attacks have been steadily increasing, even beyond the tech manufacturing sector. Our pals at Gizmodo recently rounded up the biggest of these, but you only have to browse the names to see how big the problem is becoming.

Even meat processing plants have run into trouble recently, with supplier JBS Foods reportedly forking out $US11 million in May to have their stolen data decrypted.

It’s currently unclear what sum RansomEXX is seeking, and Gigabyte has stayed relatively quiet on the issue outside of brief comments to The Record. But it’s clear cybersecurity is becoming a more prescient challenge as we head towards our new, more digital age.

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