GTA Trilogy – 14 Big Issues Rockstar Needs To Iron Out In The Rumored Remaster

It’s been heavily rumored that Rockstar is currently working on a remastered trilogy for the classic Grand Theft Auto games, which include Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Reports surrounding the remasters have been backed by credible sources and industry insiders alike, giving some amount of legitimacy to the entire affair.

Naturally, fans are beyond excited to jump back into these genre-defining games of a generation gone by. The games present in the trilogy are all more than a decade old, and haven’t particularly aged well in a number of aspects. According to rumors, Rockstar seems to be putting a lot of work into making these titles appeal to a modern audience – such as switching the games over to Unreal Engine. Here are 14 of the biggest issues that Rockstar needs to iron out in this rumored trilogy of remasters.

Mid Mission Checkpoints

One of the biggest issues with the earlier games in the series is the lack of checkpoints in between missions. Some missions in GTA: San Andreas had checkpoints, but none are present in the remaining games in the trilogy. Coupling that with the fact that enemies can be damage sponges and healing supplies are pretty scarce, it becomes quite cumbersome to tackle many of the late-game missions without resorting to cheat codes. If Rockstar wants to make this rumored trilogy a way for newer fans of Grand Theft Auto to revisit classics, it’s absolutely important that mid-mission checkpoints make the cut in terms of improvements to the core experience.

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