Here’s the gameplay trailer for an adventure game based on Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo

Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo, which was announced back at the Guerrilla Collective showcase, got its first gameplay trailer today.

The game, which is being developed by Pendulo Studios, is “an exclusive, original story, freely inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece Vertigo.” So whilst it’s not going to be a retelling of the cinema classic, it is going to share some thematic similarities.

Check out the trailer below.

That probably left you with more questions than answers, right? That’s probably intentional.

“The main themes of the game are roughly the same ones that appear in the movie: obsession, madness, manipulation, identity, and the confusion between imagination, dreams, memory and reality,” said Josue Monchan, narrative designer at Pendulo Studios, in a press release when the game was first revealed.

In order to progress in the interactive thriller, you’ll need to “explore several timelines to cross-check the events and separate reality from deceptive memories.”.

The game is more a love letter to Hitchcock’s oeuvre than a straight-up retelling of Vertigo.
“Vertigo is not our only frame of reference,” continued Monchan. “For instance, the fact that therapy is at the core of the narrative echoes Spellbound, and some characters resemble protagonists from Rebecca, Psycho, and many more.”

Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo is set to release at the end of the year on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Check out its Steam page here.

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