Hot Toys’ Star Wars Mandalorian Baby Yoda-Punching Scout Figure

A toy Imperial Scout Trooper prepares to punch a toy Baby Yoda stuffed in a sack.

Hero Scout Trooper gives Jedi menace the what-for.
Photo: Mike Fahey / Kotaku

Imperial Scout Troopers rarely get the respect they deserve. Riding their speeder bikes at ridiculous speeds, scooping up force-sensitive children, and repeatedly punching them in the face takes a lot of guts. The first season of Disney’s The Mandalorian showcased a pair of these heroic bikers, and Hot Toys has given one of them the high-quality 12-inch action figure they deserve.

In what I consider the funniest sequence in Star Wars history, episode eight of the first season of The Mandalorian opens on what the Rebellion might consider a low note. Nick Nolte’s character, Kuiil, has been murdered by a pair of somewhat competent Scout Troopers, who abscond with pre-Grogu Baby Yoda with plans to deliver the child to the sinister Moff Gideon. After quietening down the angry baby Yoda with a few well-placed punches, the speeder bike pilots—voiced by comedy actors Jason Sudeikis and Adam Pally—take a moment to reflect on life, weird little aliens, and the need for speed.

This, of all the moments in recent Star Wars canon, is the one I want to be immortalized somewhere in my home. Enter Sideshow and Hot Toys, makers of incredibly detailed 12-inch Star War action figures. They’ve put together a $455 package that includes not just Jason Sudeikis’ Scout Trooper, but an entire 1/6 scale speeder bike. And yes, it includes a bag full of Baby Yoda.

A 12-inch Scout Trooper toy riding a speeder bike from Star Wars.

The figure looks a little better when professionally photographed in a studio. Hmph.
Photo: Sideshow

In case you are unfamiliar, Hot Toys does not make the sorts of action figures you’d find at Walmart. The company is dedicated to high-end action figures. We’re talking fully-clothed bodies, detailed armor, spot-on sculpting, and bags that look like they were hand-crafted by miniature tailors.

Just look at the shoulder bag that comes in this set. See the little medal dealios along the flap? The intricate stitching? The little buckles? Those are not for show. This little messenger bag is only around two inches tall, yet I still had to use my giant fingers to delicately push those tiny straps through the buckles to open it. Inside is a pillow fitted with a tiny magnet, for when you want to affix the bag to the back of the speeder bike.

An excited Baby Yoda figure from Star Wars The Mandalorian gazes longingly at a highly-detailed messenger pouch that will soon be his home.

Oh yeah, Baby Yoda, you’re going in there.
Photo: Mike Fahey / Kotaku

Scale-wise, the little green Jedi bastard barely comes up to the Scout Trooper’s boots when standing, but this child is not for standing. He’s for sitting inside a sack and being quiet until Moff Gideon calls. A less dedicated speeder bike pilot might fall for Grogu’s charms. He might even, dare I say, start giving hugs.

A 12-inch Scout Trooper action figure hugs a tiny Baby Yoda figure.

Awwww, they are best friends.
Photo: Mike Fahey / Kotaku

But this is not a less dedicated Scout Trooper. This is a veteran of the teddy bear wars on Endor. This is one of the two Scout Troopers powerful enough to murder Nick Nolte. This is a Scout Trooper who knows how to accessorize.

A Star Wars Scout Trooper carries Baby Yoda in a bag.

Does Baby Yoda count as a carry on?
Photo: Mike Fahey / Kotaku

I am in love with the detail on these figures. Though I lament the lack of a special “just been punched” head sculpt for Baby Yoda, I enjoy imagining that the dumb little guy is just blissfully unaware of how much trouble he’s in. The way the strap falls across the Trooper’s chest, the little wrinkles in his gloves—even though he’s wearing a helmet, I can almost imagine his bemused expression. It’s like having a 12-inch Jason Sudeikis of my very own.

Oh yeah, and then there’s the bike. The bike is pretty impressive as well. This scale version of one of the Empire’s most iconic vehicles is gorgeous, packed with little details like moving engine flaps, tiny plastic wires, an undercarriage-mounted cannon that drops down to fire, and magnetized footrests so our brave Scout Trooper does not lose his footing.

A toy Scout Trooper, complete with mini Baby Yoda and a speeder bike.

As I am confined to a hospital bed, it was almost impossible to get the entire bike in frame.
Photo: Mike Fahey / Kotaku

Considering the 12-inch size of the figure, the speeder bike is pretty large. It comes with its own detailed base, with a single sturdy rod holding it in a hovering position. Let’s see if I can get a more complete shot of it. Hopefully, you’ll be able to see some of the cool paint detailing. It really looks like a machine that’s been scarred by its own speed, with paint peeled away by high winds.

A hand holding up a large toy speeder bike from Star Wars.

Giant, meaty hand included for scale.
Photo: Mike Fahey / Kotaku

Yeah, it’s impossible for me to get the whole thing in the frame, but you get the idea. As you can see, there are some very delicate details on the speeder bike, including some bits around the handlebars that I’m terrified I am going to snap off. With great detail comes some fragility, so maybe be careful with your $455 toy.

Here’s a nice shot of everything that comes in the package.

A shot of the various details and accessories included with Hot Toys' Scout Trooper bundle.

Everything you see here.
Photo: Sideshow

You’ve got a leg-holstered blaster, perfect for missing every single shot. There are two bases, one for the speeder bike and one for displaying the Scout Trooper on his own. There are seven different hands to swap in and out, two of which are closed fists. You know, in case Grogu gets out of line.

The Hot Toys Mandalorian Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike bundle is now available for preorder at Sideshow, with a shipping date later this month or early August. They’ve got a huge collection of Mandalorian figures available, including characters that aren’t nearly as cool as Punchy McScoutface here.

A 12-inch Star Wars Scout Trooper toy poses heroically next to his speeder bike.

Ride on, Scout Trooper. Ride on.
Photo: Mike Fahey / Kotaku

He is a legend, my friends, and legends never die.



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