Hotline Miami Recreated In Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage

Hotline Miami is actually available on the Switch, so if you want to play the real thing you are more than welcome to do so, but just for today let’s look at this killer recreation of the game by yeddow333 using Nintendo’s new game-creation suite, Game Builder Garage.

It’s pretty good! It’s instantly recognisable, and while of course compromises have to be made (like the fact this is a very short single level, being just a taster for the idea, not a recreation of large parts of the game itself), the bulk of the experience—top-down combat, frantic movement, some guns, some up-close murder—are all there.

If you’ve got Game Builder Garage, you can check it out at G-005-WDY-H1L. I now look forward to spending the next 12-24 months writing loads more of these kind of posts, from “Super Monkey Ball Recreated in Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage” to “Civilization V Recreated in Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage”.



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