It’s Time to Get Co-Operative In The Anacrusis

The Anacrusis is an infinitely-replayable, four-player, co-op first-person shooter coming to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10, and with Xbox Game Pass this Fall. In our launch trailer, you’ll meet the four survivors who make up the cast of The Anacrusis’ first season — Nessa, Guion, Liu, and Lance. Our unlikely heroes are unwilling combatants in the battle to defend humanity from a newly-discovered alien menace on the edge of explored space.

The Anacrusis

Every time you play The Anacrusis, the game changes. The AI Driver controls every aspect of the game, it spawns every enemy, directs each boss, and places all the weapons, gadgets, and health kits in the game. The goal is to deliver the perfect difficulty for your party’s preference, but it goes much further than that. The Driver knows how much of the story each player has experienced, so the secrets of the alien attack, and the relationships between the characters, and even more story beats unfold as you play. You’ve never experienced a co-op FPS quite like this before.

The Anacrusis

But wait, there’s more! Each time you play The Anacrusis, you’ll find new perks. The perks will change the way you play from game-to-game. You can stack all your upgrades to become your team’s offensive expert, spread your perks around and play for general utility, or specialize in healing to keep your friends alive. You’ll unlock more perks the more you play, and you’ll automatically share them with everyone on your team! Join our community Discord for regular development updates while we ready the game for launch in Fall 2024!

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