Legends of Runeterra’s Rise of the Underworlds set launches June 30

Legends of Runeterra, the card game set in the greater League of Legends universe, will feel quite different soon. On June 30, Riot will release Rise of the Underworlds, a new expansion with 40 cards. The patch also aims to make tons of balance changes to shake up the meta-game.

Rise of the Underworlds come with three new champions: the undead pirate Pyke, time-traveler punk Ekko, and monster queen Rek’sai. These playable characters in League of Legends make for powerful cards in Legends of Runeterra, and they are often the central point of several possible deck combinations.

The set also comes with a new keyword: Lurk, which powers up lurker enemies. Lurker enemies thrive when they’re at the top of your deck. When they’re in that position, and you attack your enemy, every Lurker ally in your deck gets +1 damage.

Legends of Runeterra - a card that reads Lurk: When you attack while I’m on top of your deck, I lurk, granting lurker allies everywhere +1/+0. Max once per round.

Image: Riot Games

In terms of lore, the new cards will help round out the settings of Zaun, Shurima, and Bilgewater. Supporting cards from Legends of Runeterra can end up playing important roles in the longterm story of the setting.

Legends of Runeterra is a free-to-play game available on iOS, Android, and Windows PC. Riot will be revealing one new card from the set every day on strategy site Mobalytics.

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