Life is Strange Remastered Collection trailer leaked ahead of E3

With the massive amount of hype surrounding E3, many trailers intended for the event inevitably leak early. This exact scenario happened with the new Life is Strange Remastered Collection trailer, which leaked two days before Square Enix’s E3 showing. This trailer will likely coincide with more news on Life is Strange: True Colors, the third game in the series that was recently announced.

Unsurprisingly, Life is Strange Remastered Collection updates the visuals of the original episodic release, albeit only slightly. The trailer, now removed, includes side-by-side comparisons between the original game’s visuals and those of the remaster, and the differences mostly come in the form of improved lighting and image quality. The remaster also promises improved animations and motion capture for the characters, which may address some of the animation-related critiques levied at the original release. Some of the game’s puzzles will receive refinements as well, although these gameplay tweaks’ significance remains to be seen.


An emotional rollercoaster

Upon its initial release, Life is Strange garnered a largely positive reception from the gaming press. Many critics praised its willingness to broach serious subject matter rarely seen in games, and they generally appreciated its character development and strong emotional beats. Having said that, the game received a fair degree of criticism as well. Particular points of contention involved the script’s incorporation of dated slang as well as the aforementioned issues with animation, such as lip-syncing.

Now that the new Life is Strange Remastered Collection trailer leaked early, fans have a better idea of what the final product will entail. Players have the option to purchase the remaster either by itself or in a bundle with Life is Strange: True Colors. The trailer revealed September 30 as the release date, so players will not have to wait long to see whether the remaster lives up to the original release.

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