Life is Strange TV project still alive •

Shawn Mendes working on music.

Efforts to turn Life is Strange into a TV series are still ongoing, and look to be gathering steam once again.

Legendary Pictures has now signed up award-winning singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes as an executive producer and to work on music for the show, The Hollywood Reporter writes.

13 Reasons Why production company Anonymous Content has also been brought on-board.

Legendary Pictures first announced it was working on an adaptation of the hit narrative adventure game back in 2016, shortly after Life is Strange’s first season launched and promptly blew up in popularity.

At the time, it was expected this TV series would adapt the game’s successful first run. After various other games in the anthology franchise have now launched this seems less certain, though there’s no word to the contrary.

Will it work? Life is Strange is known best for the narrative decisions it places on players. How this will translate – outside of some Bandersnatch-style choose your own adventure shenanigans – remains to be seen.

Back in video game land, the upcoming Life is Strange: True Colors is now only a week away. It’s set to launch a new mostly-standalone chapter to the franchise, all in one go, on 10th September for PC, PlayStation and Xbox, then later this year on Nintendo Switch.

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