Life-Sized Slowpoke Plush Available to Pre-Order in Japan

A life-sized Pokemon plush of Slowpoke appeared in the Japanese Pokemon Center Online shop. It will be able to visit homes in Japan in November 2024. It will cost 49,500 yen (~$450). [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

This life-sized Slowpoke plush will be 65 cm (~25.6 inches) tall and 75 cm (~29.5 inches) wide. It will have an overall length of 150 cm (~59 inches) when measured from its nose to the curved tail tip. Although the series Pokedex listed Slowpoke’s weight as 79.4 lbs, this polyester plush will only weigh 7.8 kilograms (~17.2 lbs).

Pre-orders for the plush are immediately available in Japan throughout the month until June 30, 2024. It will be made to order and delivered gradually from mid-November 2024. The Japanese Pokemon Center Online shop can only ship items inside Japan. Those who reside in the United States and Canada will have to hope for the local Pokemon Center web store to add the Slowpoke plush to the lineup.

Slowpoke is a dopey Pokemon that has existed since the first-generation Kanto games for Game Boy. The latest mainline games, Pokemon Sword and Shield, added new Galarian forms for Slowpoke and its evolutions, Slowbro and Slowking. The iconic Pokemon was also featured on a real-life postbox in Japan’s Kagawa prefecture.

Other than this Slowpoke plush, more merchandise items related to the Pokemon franchise are also on the way. They range from rings featuring Riolu and Lucario to insect cages inspired by the Poke Ball and Master Ball.


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