Lost Ark devs aim to push MMO raids “forward for the entire genre”

A new teaser trailer for the Lost Ark Astalgia update has been released by developer Smilegate, which includes a look at the new Elementalist wizard class and the first look at a new raid for the game that could end up being one of the best MMOs on PC when it releases worldwide soon.

The game is currently only available to Japan, South Korea, and Russian PC audiences and will launch worldwide later this year, but in the meantime Lost Ark Online is already on season 2. The trailer for the new Astalgia update mostly shows the new Elementalist Mage class, which is a far more traditional Sorceress magic user than the other Mage sub-classes in the game.

The developer also offers a brief look at its new raid in the trailer, which it is not shy in hyping up – boasting that the Astalgia raid is “so ambitious, we want to push the visuals and mechanics of MMO raids forward for the entire genre and have every MMO developer and player pay attention to this.”

While there’s no firm date for the new raid or Summer update, the Sorceress/Elementalist class will drop on August 11th in South Korea – all of which is a moot point to anyone outside Asia as it’s likely all of this will be made available at the worldwide launch, which publisher Amazon has confirmed will be around Autumn this year.

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However, Smilegate has confirmed that it will be holding beta tests before the worldwide launch, so that may drop in time to try to the new raid and the Sorceress class. If players want to try out this mix of Diablo and World of Warcraft they should head over to the game’s website and sign up for the beta there. One thing’s for certain though – Lost Ark will definitely be out before Diablo 4, anyway, and probably before the next BlizzCon too.

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