Mad Catz made an ambidextrous mouse ‘inspired by spaceships and batmobiles’

Not too many gaming mouse models have drawn inspiration from Bruce Wayne’s tricked out Batmobile. And by ‘not many’ I really mean just one, that I am aware of—that would be the B.A.T. 6+ from Mad Catz, an ambidextrous rodent with some interesting features, and bizarre marketing.

“B.A.T. 6+’s design cues were inspired by spaceships, hypercars, and batmobiles. The side vents design was obtained from the speediest hypercar. This design prevents the gamer’s hands from overheating during long hours of play,” Mad Catz explains.

Don’t you hate it when your hands overheat and shut down while gaming? I’ve never experienced that myself, but I imagine it would be quite frustrating to have happen. Thank Zeus there’s now a mouse that will prevent such a thing.

(Image credit: Mad Catz)

The vents are not the only part of this mouse to draw inspiration from spaceships and batmobiles.

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