The Main Idea of the Game Knock of the Coffin Lid and a Little About


Indie developers regularly delight fans of the game industry with various unusual projects. Independent developers are not afraid to experiment, so they are trying to combine elements of several genres and implement bold ideas in their creations. The authors of Red Boon studio are one of them. They have released the game┬áKnock on the Coffin Lid. The game can be found on Steam, and users rate K.O.T.C.L. at 8.6 out of 10. It does sound good, doesn’t it? The project is a mixture of atmospheric roguelike with RPG elements.

The game allows players to take on the roles of a strong knight, a lycanthropic werewolf, and a brave girl, solving the mystery of their death and what happened to the world while they were dead. Users must assemble decks, try item combinations, learn their characters and play to their strengths in battles against bosses. Every choice makes a difference here. At the end of the journey, the mystery of the lord’s murder will be hidden, as will the fate of each character.

The gameplay is completed by an interesting storyline. The designers of Knock on the Coffin Lid experiment with different mechanisms. The project features complex, multi-layered storytelling. The mechanics of a card-based storytelling game help develop a deeper story. Quality art and sound convey the atmosphere of the game.

The storyline of the game was invented in the early development of the studio Red Boon – during the creative search. The game does not set out to tell everything about the world around it, it only exists in it, obeying its laws and logic. The concept of the game world remains unchanged throughout development.

First, there was one character, then the guys decided to make three characters. The authors of Knock Of The Coffin Lid had the idea to create unique texts for all the characters, and tell three stories instead of one – to show the same events from different points of view, and to add details. Behind each element of the game are hours of work. The story sets the right tone for the game events.


The story develops according to the mosaic principle – in a roguelike, any other presentation is hardly possible. Any new information is an element of the puzzle – a fragment of the mosaic, from which the overall picture emerges.

The passing game of K.O.T.C.L. begins with the choice of one of the three characters. The hero of the game wakes up in a coffin, gets out of it into the crypt, and meets the necromancer who resurrected the protagonist. Next, the character describes the events that preceded his death, after which a global map of the Frontier, the region in Knock on the Coffin Lid, appears on the screen.

The world in the game is represented by a static picture with dots on which skulls, question marks, monster heads, and campfires are drawn. The first is marked with ranked skirmishes, the second with random events, the third with bosses, and the fourth with places to rest. You can only move forward in one of several directions. These are marked on the map with a dotted line so that users can better remember the route taken. The main character is only able to move to the next place of interest, and jumping over at least one point is impossible.

The starting point is the temple where the character’s grave is buried. Initially, you can choose one of four routes, and then the number of available paths will be reduced to two, or three at best. The first point of interest is certainly the fight. The map is not explored yet, so you should choose any direction you like. Our hero will have to fight elf, dwarf, and orc fighters of different classes, huge beasts, and unique bosses. The main thing to remember is that death will lead to the beginning and the loss of everything you previously gained. Only the experience acquired in battle will remain with you.

But the story must go on. The characters are locked inside a time loop, a continuation, in the classic sense of the word, is impossible. But the story doesn’t freeze, it continues to live on, fleshing out new details. The player understands that all events are interconnected, and all the characters encountered along the way are not coincidental here.


The game world of Knock Of The Coffin Lid has a pivot around which many places, events, and characters revolve. All the stories in one way or another will be woven into the main idea, touching the global plot, and revealing the fate of the world – because in general, it is not random, it has the original meaning and the ultimate goal. Further will only be more interesting, otherwise why continue…

The game is compared to a lot of roguelike, the spirit of Dark Souls and Darkest Dungeon are brightly intertwined in it. To someone who is just discovering the Collectible Card Game, Knock Of The Coffin Lid may seem difficult. In the new update, the developers promise to fix this. The game offers its fantasy world and its vision of the development of the Collectible Card Game genre: an elaborate story and addictive plot, eye-catching visuals, and interesting mechanics.

K.O.T.C.L. has received high marks at several events: Indie Cup20 Critics’ Choice Award, Indie cup’21 Nominations Best PC Game, Best Audio, Best Art, People’s Choice, Indie Blast 2024 Best Gameplay and Best PC Game Xsolla.

The game is available on PC. In addition, the game has a support pack for those who are ready to support the project. Get on board!