Marvel’s Avengers Shows Off Red Room Takeover in Trailer


New single-player content (time limited) has arrived in Marvel’s Avengers in the form of the Red Room Takeover. Players will be able to play the Red Room Takeover starting from yesterday, May 20 until May 31. It is available on all platforms.

Subtitles in the beginning of the trailer suggest this Red Room Takeover is in some way meant to be revenge on Black Widow. The text says “Hello Natalia…It’s been a while. It was almost too easy tracing your movements. You can’t think I’d let you go so easily.” Nothing on screen appears to show who might be saying any of this, but the limited aspect of the Red Room Takeover might suggest there’s not too much story to unravel.

The takeover will be playable with any character, not just Black Window, as evidenced by the trailer showing off Thor and Iron Man all ready (Get it? Red-y? Not sorry.) to complete the challenges.

You can see the trailer for yourself either here or below:

As far as rewards go, players who complete the Red Room Takeover challenge will earn an animated nameplate. The takeover also comes with new outfits for all characters. However, they aren’t rewards and the trailer directly mentions that they are “Available in Marketplace.” But for those who are interested in costumes, the Widow’s Origin outfit for Black Widow (as you might have guessed by the name) is now available in the Marketplace. It appears to be a white/silver version of the usual Black Widow garb.

More info on rewards is given on the Marvel website as:

  • Players can earn exclusive ‘Widow Maker’ comics for completing each Red Room Challenge.
  • Completing each Event Assignment will award player a generous amount of XP and—if their Hero is above Power Level 80—a piece of gear from the re-introduced Surging Set. Heroes below this power threshold will receive gear scaled to their Power Level.
  • Completing the Event Challenge Assignment will award a large amount of XP, an exclusive event nameplate, and a bundle of Polychoron and Upgrade Modules. Heroes above Power Level 120 will also receive a piece of Exotic gear originally found in Last Avenger Standing. Heroes below this power threshold will receive gear scaled to their Power Level.

Marvel’s Avengers is available for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Owners of Xbox One or PS4 copies of the game are still able to get a free upgrade to the current-gen version of the game (even if they own it on disc). For PlayStation players wanting to try the game without a full commitment, it was recently added to PlayStation Now.


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