Mass Effect 3 designer maps out a Mars Rover easter egg kept hidden for 10 years

Mass Effect 3 is full of vast, horrifying robots. But if you’d like to meet a more whimsical mechanical buddy, one of the game’s original developers has revealed how to activate a long-lost Mars rover easter egg.

During an early mission to Mars, Shephard might stumble across a 4×3 grid of solar panels next to a shuttle. Speaking on the game’s subreddit, former Bioware designer Richard Boisvert explains that walking through the grid in a certain panel will trigger an easter egg that, to the best of his knowledge, has never been discovered.

“10 years ago I put an easter egg in the mars mission of ME3, and as far as I know no one ever stumbled upon it,” Boisvert writes. “At the beginning of the mars mission, feel free to walk through the nearby solar panel array in the following way to see it.”

A map outlining how to unlock a Mass Effect 3 easter egg.

(Image credit: Richard Boisvert)

Lo and behold, the first comment from Redditor Tuskin38 shows that, upon completion, a chirpy wee rover will emerge from the shadows, approach Shephard, and give the hardened space captain a light now. Who said organics and synthetics can’t get along, eh?

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