Menat as Felicia Figure Comes in Player 1 and 2 Variants

There’s a new figure based on Street Fighter V’s Menat on the way, but this one looks like another Capcom heroine—Felicia. Sideshow and Premium Collectibles Studio announced statues based on one of her crossover costumes in the game. Both player 1 and player 2 variants of a Menat as Felicia figure were revealed. Each one will cost $550.

Each Menat as Felicia figure is a 1/4th scale statue. That means they’re 19” tall and about 9.5” wide. Each one is also limited. The basic design is the same. However, the player 1 outfit is the traditional white Felicia design with a blue yarn base, white kitten, and white ball. The player 2 outfit is black with a magenta yarn base and black kitten.

Here’s a better look at the player 1 version of Menat as Felicia.

And this is the player 2 version.

Both figures also come with a bonus art print. Edwin Huang created a picture based on Menat wearing that costume. The print you get will match the version of the statue you pick. These are only available with the Exclusive Edition of each statue. There will only be 300 of the player 1 version and 200 of the player 2 one.

As for the outfit itself, that’s been around since September 2018. Chun-Li, Ed, and Menat all got their Darkstalkers costumes at the same time.

Each Menat as Felicia figure has a tentative December 2023-February 2023 release window.


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