Metro Exodus’s Shiny PS5/XBS Updates Are Out Now

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It’s pretty tricky to keep on top of which last-gen games are planning to update themselves for your fancy modern consoles, which is why I tattoo each morsel of information on my face. Looking in the mirror first thing this morning, I noticed that it’s today when Metro Exodus’s major free upgrade arrives.

In fact, the Xbox’s version seemed to accidentally release a day early, yesterday, and is already bringing in reports that it’s not faring so well on the Series S. The PS5 gets its version today, when it was supposed to. Oi Xbox, no pushing in.

The update was first announced back in February, and was possibly the most comprehensive (or at least comprehensively detailed) current-gen remastering so far. The headline being the adding of raytracing to both console versions and to the PC’s. PC got its version back at the beginning of May, but then developers 4A have always been a PC-first sort of bunch, and of course had no certification hoops to jump through before rolling it out over there.

For reasons only known to ancient crones atop wild mountains, the Series S/X version of Metro Exodus will allow you to transfer your save from the Xbone edition, but the PS5 will not. Instead 4A have added “chapter breaks” to the game in both versions, letting you jump into the game at any point you wish from the off, with the considerable penalty being any equipment you’d previous gathered will no longer be with you, and it switches off achievements. For Xbox players, old saves will work, and your gear transfers across, but you’ll still be restricted to loading in at one of those chapter breaks. The devs suggest playing up to one of those on your previous version before making the leap across.

This is all free to anyone who owns either version of the game, and comes with all the goodness detailed below:

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This might be the first time I regret picking up the Series S instead of X.


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