Minecraft updates with Cliffs and Caves Part 1, adds goats and copper

Caves & Cliffs Part 1 is out today in Minecraft, and it has a few fun additions to spice up exploration. Players can find new resources in the earth, and meet some fuzzy new friends along the way.

The axolotl and goat are new creatures found in the world, and they’re very cute, but they each come with a catch. The axolotl is a predator who will attack players, and the goats like to ram players with their little goat heads, which is a problem when you’re atop a mountain. There are also glow squids to light up the waters, and they have a special glow ink to collect.

Caves also have much more of an ecosystem, and they can generate with blocks like dripleaf, pointed dripstone, vines and glow berries, azalea plants, hanging roots, rooted dirt, moss carpet, and moss block. Other new blocks and resources include glow lichen, powder snow, deep slate blocks, and amethyst geodes that allow players to craft a spyglass. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on copper, you can even craft lightning rods.

Caves and Cliffs Part 1 launches today for Bedrock and Java Editions. The second part of the update will release closer to the holidays, as Mojang faced technical issues with generating tall cliffs and mountains in worlds.

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