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If you’re been on the hunt for the latest Moonlight Sculptor coupon codes, look no further because you’ve found the best place for all the recently created ones.

This newly-released fantasy MMORPG packs a lot of elements that make the game ideal for all players in the genre. This sandbox ArcheAge-like game is adorable when it comes to design, but unforgiving when it comes to the actual mechanics. Therefore, we can use all the help we can get in order to get some free loot and rewards.

Moonlight Sculptor coupon codes

  • Breezy1 (Reward: Breezy Travel Wear)
  • Breezy2 (Reward: Breezy Hat)
  • Breezy3 (Reward: Breezy Gloves)

Expired codes

At the moment there are no expired codes. We’ll move here the outdated codes when the time comes.

Moonlight Sculptor coupon codes

How to redeem the Moonlight Sculptor codes – on iOS and Android

Claiming the codes is pretty simple, but if you’re new to the game the cluttered menu might get a bit confusing. Simply follow the steps below and you’ll redeem your codes in no time.

  • Open the official Moonlight Sculptor coupon code redemption page
  • Select your region (server) – America, Asia, or Europe
  • Type in your user number – you can find this ID in the Settings -> Account. Make sure you use the ID for the character you want the rewards to be sent to!
  • Type in the code and then hit the Redeem button

Your rewards will arrive in your in-game mailbox shortly.

Alternative option to redeem the coupon codes on Android

This option works on Android devices only, while the previously mentioned one is valid on both iOS and Android.

  • Open the Options menu, in the top right corner of the screen
  • Head on to the Settings menu
  • Select the Account tab
  • Tap on the Coupon button
  • Type in your code and select Confirm.

How to get more Moonlight Sculptor codes?

Keep up with the latest codes and updates by following the game’s official Twitter page, or join the Moonlight Sculptor community on the official Discord server. However, the best option is to bookmark this page and come back every week at least, as we will update the Moonlight Sculptor coupon codes whenever a new one gets released! 

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