New Xbox Cloud Upgrade Means Game Pass Games Will Look And Play Better

Xbox’s cloud-gaming platform, Game Pass (and Ultimate), continue to bring a stream-lined experience to millions of gamers everyday. The monthly subscription is leagues ahead of most other cloud services out there because of its sheer number of readily available games to play as well as its monthly cycle of titles. Additionally, Microsoft is truly committing to Game Pass by bringing a bevy of its upcoming, highly-anticipated titles to the catalog on respective launch days. Another Xbox cloud update has gone live, affecting the visual and technical prowess of Game Pass titles.

According to Ars Techica’s Sam Machkovech, the upgrade seems to be more prevalent on Game Pass titles being activated on web browsers or through the Android app. This is to make the games play, feel, and look as if they were booted up on an Xbox Series X console:

“The Xbox version has been quite attractive thanks to its value proposition. It includes over 260 games as part of a $15/month subscription…Up until now, however, the catch has been measly power on the server-farm side, since its cloud instances regressed to the “base” Xbox One console spec. Earlier this month, Xbox execs confirmed that its server fleet would begin upgrading to the Xbox Series X spec, which supports higher frame rates, higher pixel resolutions, faster loading times, and advanced rendering features.”

Machkovech also states that the upgrade hasn’t been officially revealed, but any games that have still not been amplified or are exhibiting faster load times/better visuals will likely be getting that update soon. If you’re riding the Game Pass wave, we’ve got you covered on what’s coming to the subscription next month

Have you been playing most of your games through Game Pass? Will you be testing out the upgrades on your PC and Android? Let us know what you’ve discovered and what you think in the comments below!

[Source: Ars Technica]

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